Idea! Gratitude Wall


gratitudewallSince making a conscious effort to be more grateful I’ve noticed, like mindfulness, practicing gratitude doesn’t always come naturally. These days there are many ways to keep up your gratitude game. Online, you can find everything from gratitude and mindfulness bracelets and necklaces to bookmarks with gratitude quotes. If you prefer decorative work instead, there are many options to purchase gratitude/mindfulness artwork or you always have the choice to make it yourself. In our case, we had a long white counter wall so this was a perfect place to put up a gratitude wall for the family. Here’s how we did it.

What you’ll need:

  • Blackboard chalkboard wall decal (You can find it on or
  • Chalk markers -or- *chalk
  • Chalkboard cleaner spray (Or wet wipes work to erase just the same)
  • *Chalkboard eraser if using regular chalk

We chose to draw with chalk markers because it has a cleaner look and only comes off with a wet cleaning spray or wipes. After we drew what we wanted on the gratitude wall, we gave our kids regular chalk so they could draw and dry erase at their leisure while leaving our original images intact. They loved the wall and kept adding to it every day. Drawing pictures works well for kids who are too young to read and write but can still express gratitude with images. It gets them into the habit of an attitude of gratitude.

There was also a little extra room for a fun Family Rules section (idea found online) which definitely added nice color and an extra element of fun to the decorative wall. Hope you found this idea helpful to incorporate more gratitude into your life. ♡

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13 thoughts on “Idea! Gratitude Wall

  1. This is a great idea to nurture gratitude. When my kids were little we did something similar at Thanksgiving. I’d use brown bags to cut out the shape of a tree. Then I would cut “leaves” out of construction paper and put them in a basket by the cabinet where I put the “tree”. We called it the Thankful Tree. We’d write on the leaves things we were thankful for and tape it to the tree. Everyone who came through the house during November had to put up a leaf. I like how your gratitude wall can stay up all the year.

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